Virtually Anything; a venue that sits between the digital & physical landscape. 
I will be remotely recording the works of performing artists though motion capture of body and facial data,
digitally augmenting though procedural animation, and presenting online.

This project will be an conduit of remote collaboration and communication between artists in Melbourne, Victoria.
We have all been in our growing bubbles of isolation, I feel communication though physiciality is of importance to the stability of the social fabric of Australia. Victoria has been though a unique challenge, though this project we as artists can react positively and with great innovation to a changing social landscape.

An animator with an acting background,  I have worked for major Australian arts and touring institutions such as the NGV, Mushroom Group and Chugg Entertainment. 

This project, originally 'Virtual Isolation', is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.


 © Luke Constable (2020)